At 0756, New Hope Engine 1 was dispatched as the closest engine to 4713 Dansey Dr, in the City of Raleigh, for a reported structure fire. Engine 1 arrived first, reporting heavy smoke and fire from the C division of a two story multiple residential apartment building, and requested a working fire be transmitted. New Hope’s crew stretched a 1¾ inch handline into the structure and initiated fire attack on the second floor in the fire apartment. Raleigh Fire Battalion 1 arrived shortly afterward, and transmitted a second alarm on his arrival. Engine 19 arrived next, securing a water supply for Engine 1 and assisting the interior crews with fire attack.

There were multiple reports of people still inside the structure, so Raleigh Fire Rescue 1 was assigned search and rescue, and assigned to assist any residents in evacuating the building. Based on the situation, Wake EMS also transmitted an EMS second alarm, bringing additional EMS resources to the scene. 15 minutes after the initial dispatch, Batt 1 ordered all firefighters out of the second floor, with a full evacuation following shortly thereafter, allowing Ladder 5 to initiate aerial operations. Batt 1 also requested the Red Cross was requested for the possible relocation of 12 individuals.

Crews resumed interior operations, and knocked down all remaining fire and the fire was placed under control at 0842.

Units on the initial dispatch included New Hope Engine 1, Raleigh Fire Engine 19, E15, E27, E11, Ladder 2, L5, Rescue 1, Battalion 1, Batt 5. Wake EMS 3

Units added on the working fire dispatch included Raleigh Fire Air 2, Batt 2, Car 402, C20, EMS 15, Dist Chief 3, Truck 1

Raleigh Fire second alarm E21, E22, E28, L1, L 4, Air 1

EMS second alarm EMS19, 6, 4, Eastern Wake EMS 63, Dist 1, Dist 9, Medic 95 and 96 and EVAC 1










Media coverage from the fire: WNCN (who took the two photos above), WRAL and ABC11 Additional pictures can be found at Mike Legero’s website