What to expect as a WNHFF

Everyone applicant joins the department as a probationary firefighter.  This phase of their training lasts at least 12 months, during which a new firefighter is required to complete Wake County Firefighter Essentials school, Hazardous Materials Operations Plus certification, ICS 100, 200, 700, & 800, and Bloodbourne  Pathogens, as well as familiarize themselves with all of our equipment and complete all the internal requirements listed in the probationary packet.  Probationary firefighters are also encouraged to completing their EMT training, which is a requirement to be on the department.  Firefighters are also encouraged to begin the classes to earn their NC Firefighter II certification.

Once off probation, every active firefighter must meet annual HazMat, EMT, BBP, EVD, PPE, & MSDS re-certification requirements, as well as a minimum of 36 training hours per year.  They should also complete their EMT training, which is required to have been completed before their 18th month on the department.  Firefighters should continue to be working on completing their Firefighter II certification.

A firefighter can be promoted to Senior Firefighter once they have been with the department for 3 years, and have begun the apparatus drive training process.

Once a Senior Firefighter has successfully completed all the driver training on each apparatus, as well as passed each written exam and the Chief’s examination on pump operations, he can then be promoted to Engineer.

If they would like to continue to leadership positions within the department, all engineers are eligible to be promoted to Lieutenant. Their primary role is to mentor new and existing members in area of equipment familiarization and new member training, and act as Captain of an apparatus in the Captain’s absence

After 2 years as a Lieutenant at Wake New Hope FD, a firefighter is eligible to be promoted to Captain.  Captains are responsible for safety and operation of the crew and apparatus that they are assigned to.  They are responsible to ensure the apparatus is ready to respond to an alarm at any time.  Captains serve as an on call officer on a rotation basis.  Captains are responsible for their duty crews, as well as provide department wide training sessions.

After 6 years as a Captain, a firefighter is eligible for appointment by the Board of Trustees to Deputy Chief.  The DC has the authority to do anything the Chief of the Department, except for the appointment of any personnel to any office.  The also serves as the training officer for the department.

The Chief of the department is also appointed by the the Board of Trustees.  He is in complete charge of the operations, supervisor, and training of the fire company.

Retirement Status: earned upon reaching the age of 65. Automatically is awarded life member status.

Life member / honorary firefighter: after 20 years of service.