Station 1


This is our original station located at 4415 Saint James Church Rd in Raleigh NC.  Station 1 was staffed 24 hours a day with 3 career firefighters, and supplemented by volunteer staff.  Station 1 is located near the Capital Blvd/US HWY1 & Louisburg Rd/US 401 split, and the crews from Station 1 respond to emergencies within the city limits as the closest engine alongside Raleigh Fire Department Engine Companies 19, 27, 11 15, & 21.
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On June 30, 2022, an agreement between Wake County, Wake New Hope Fire Department, and the Raleigh Fire Department was implemented, resulting in the closure of Station 1, and the transfer of all personnel and equipment to Station 2, strengthening Wake County’s overall response plan for eastern Wake County.  The Raleigh Fire department would respond to Station 1’s county response area, which had decreased to less than 5 miles, due to the City of Raleigh’s annexations of unincorporated county areas, over the past several decades.

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